The current approach to marketing has broken down.

Driving a car that spews fumes, stalls out, and guzzles gas like a tractor-trailer doesn’t make sense. It’s hazardous to you (and anyone in your path), unreliable, and expensive.

Many of today’s consumer goods companies are driving these vehicles. Well, not literally, but their approach to marketing is just like these broken-down cars that should be scrapped. Handing over money and discounts to retailers just for the privilege of letting them make money is illogical when you, the consumer goods company, receive nothing in return. No profits. No brand loyalty. In fact, quite often, your brand erodes at the hands of marketers who are not fully vested in your brand’s integrity. [Read more…]


engage support their consumer goods clients with a range of products, covering three areas of activity as folows:

Commercial assessment. We use bespoke technology in the form of engageAssess™ to assess how organizations perform – benchmarking – adn to diagnose the reasons why activities are not performed at a higher standard. This could be a lack of information, business process, communication, capability, organizational structure or motivation.

Strategy. We have developed a unique approach to connecting consumer priorities to the in-store world controlled by retailers, called Purchase Activation™. We work with our clients to develop effective consumer marketing strategies and then use bespoke research methodologies and analysis tools to identify the most appropriate in-store marketing mix to deliver best returns. Our tools enable our clients to calculate returns on in-store marketing investment. Lastly we work with our clients to develop an effective proposition to motivate retail partners to support their brands in-store.

Enabling. We work with our clients to better enable their teams to perform better by implementing new business process, organization structures, roles and responsibilities and competency.